Best Email Marketing Tactics and Top AI Tools for 2024

Best Email Marketing Tactics and Top AI Tools for 2024 1024 1024 Digital Craft

The email marketing landscape continues to evolve rapidly, integrating more advanced technologies, AI tools and strategies. This article explores the best email marketing tactics to consider in 2024, focusing on increasing brand awareness, user nurturing, and retention.

Hyper-Personalisation with AI

Utilise AI-driven tools to analyse customer data and tailor your email content, timing, and frequency, providing a highly personalised experience to each recipient.

Mobile-First Design

With the majority of email interactions happening on mobile devices, ensure that your emails are responsive and visually appealing on smaller screens.

Interactive and Engaging Content

Incorporate interactive elements like quizzes, polls, or clickable games to boost user engagement.

Video Content Integration

Embed short, captivating videos in your emails to enhance engagement and convey messages effectively.

Predictive Analytics for Targeting

Use AI to predict customer behaviours and preferences, tailoring your campaigns for better relevance and effectiveness.

Advanced Segmentation

Employ AI tools for nuanced segmentation based on behavioural data, creating more targeted and personalised campaigns.

Optimisation for Voice Assistants

Ensure your email content is compatible with voice assistants, expanding accessibility and reach.

Sustainable and Ethical Practices

Adopt environmentally conscious and socially responsible messaging in your email marketing.

But wait, there’s more! Here are the latest AI tools that can enhance your email marketing efforts:

Unlayer: A user-friendly drag-and-drop email editor and templates, is ideally suited for SaaS businesses. It facilitates the creation of personalised emails based on website activities and offers seamless integration with various CRM systems.

Encharge: Best suited for SaaS businesses, facilitating personalised email based on website activities and integrations with various CRM systems​​.

Stripo: An AI email design software enabling the creation of professional emails quickly and collaboratively​​. A multi-channel AI lead generation software, excellent for automating engagement and personalising content across platforms​​. A user-friendly platform for crafting effective email campaigns with automated workflows and personalization features​​.

Mailsoftly, Brevo (formerly Sendinblue),, ConvertKit, Omnisend, Optimail – Optimove, Twilio SendGrid, EmailOctopus, Drift Email, Seventh Sense, Zeta Email, Phrasee, Mailmodo, LeadGnome, and ActiveCampaign: These platforms offer a range of AI-powered capabilities for email marketing, from campaign creation to analytics and deliverability improvements​​.

The fusion of AI with email marketing offers exciting opportunities for businesses to enhance their brand presence and strengthen relationships with their audience. By adopting the aforementioned tactics and leveraging the capabilities of AI tools, marketers can create more personalised, engaging, and effective email campaigns.

The use of these innovative technologies not only promises to enhance the user experience but also provides deeper insights for marketers, ensuring that email marketing remains a pivotal tool in the digital marketing arsenal.



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