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The best local SEO optimisation in London

Everyone knows that search engine optimisation is a fundamental part of your digital marketing strategy. If you’re wondering where your SEO should begin, let’s talk about the Local SEO service we offer.

Competitors Analysis and Keywords

Competitors analysis and keywords research is the initial work we perform within our Local SEO service. We think this process is critical in order to show you (1) what tactics are working in your industry, (2) which keywords your competitors rank for, (3) what resources we recommend in order to outperform your competitors and (4) how we deliver local SEO strategies to improve your search rankings.

Structured Data Markup

Some marketers recently commented that structured data is the future of search engine marketing. Basically, structured data markup is a section of code inserted into the HTML that helps search engines better understand your website.

When you perform a search on Google, let’s say you are looking for a restaurant and then their name shows up with some “extra” information such as opening hours, busiest times, pricing and reviews… all those details are the structured data markup! Be aware that if you are not using this tactic, then your business is missing the opportunity to rank higher in SERP.

Local Business SEO

Also known as Business NAP, our Local Business SEO is the process of creating consistency within your profiles across the internet. This definitely helps with local rankings and increases your trust and credibility.

As Google verifies the authenticity of a business by checking that the details are consistent, we always include this process within our Local SEO service. Having up-to-date business information across the web is very important for ranking higher in Google’s local search results.

Website Security Updates and Maintenance

To keep your WordPress CMS website healthy, we offer an ongoing maintenance service that includes general website security updates, improvements, data backup, managed website hosting and on-page SEO to help Google acknowledge that your site is secure and well maintained.

We assist you with the creation of new landing pages as needed. Our variety of CMS tasks extends to updating content, content marketing and blogging.

Content Marketing and Social Advertising

We utilise content marketing strategies combined with our paid advertising service to create and distribute valuable, relevant, and consistent content to drive fresh traffic to your website or blog, retain your target audience and help with Local SEO.